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Hi my name is Jennifer. This is my third time having somebody in the system. Now it's my boyfriend. I don't even know where he is, or if he's even in?! He's had a lengthy record due to drug use. He just got released from County & Huber. He received a new charge because of me. Our relationship is still new. So I too am fearful that the longer he's there he's going to resent me. This new charge is for posession of paraphernalia. As a result they've sentenced hin to an inpatient treatment facility that lasts a good 3 plus months(90 days). I'm in Waukesha. He says the facility is 2 hours north of here. Does anybody know where the court system would send him?! The only one I can think of is DACC. Also needs to be where the facility is in association/affiliation with the court?! As he has to ne back here on Waukesha for a hearing. He just left today(May 9th). Was released from Huber on the 16th of April(my Birthday)& May 6th(Monday)had initial appearance on new/latest charge. BTW- This is NOT a transfer. He was released from Huber & appeared in court on his own. No incarceration. As a result, this is a direct placement. I do not work & am on Disability. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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