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Default New Bond Changes in CT

As of January 1st of 2020, Connecticut allows for all bonds $20,000 or less to be set at a "10 percent cash only". This means it doesn't have to be set by a Judge or a bail commissioner, it is automatic. If a person was arrested and received a $10,000 bond this person can process his or her own bail by paying ten percent which is $1000 directly to the state.

The whole purpose of this change was to help the indigent. As we all know no one has $1000 saved as bail money to put up in the case of an arrest. A CT bail bonds company on a $10,000 bond would only require $850 and of that will require only $300 down and a payment plan for the remaining balance.

On the other side, when using a bail bonds service the liability of the bail amount is shifted to the bonding company along with cosigners and defendants. When parents and friends or wives and husbands bail their loved ones out by themselves, they are liable for the full bail amount to be paid to the state of Connecticut if this person decides to no longer attend court. This is scary sounding but it is the truth. At least bail agencies have resources and can legally bring fugitives back to justice. A CT resident who bailed someone out without a bondsman could face kidnapping charges for forcing someone to court.
This new change in the practice book was voted in by the Judges this past year in Connecticut.
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