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The series the Post & Courier, including this writer, was working has been published.

Unless you're a subscriber, the paywall limits you to reading 2 articles per month.

The first article in the series was published in the Sunday 12/08/2019 issue, detailing what happened at Lee Correctional, with 911 audio, photos, and videos. For those of us who experienced with our loved ones what happened that night through the present, it was very painful to read. Several loved ones, including mothers, said it was too much to finish the article.

I read what I could at work and had to step off the unit to compose myself.

I appreciate the media outlets throughout South Carolina for finally taking the steps to see what's happening with our prison system, yet the message was clear.

There were bulls-eyes everywhere from outside consultants, wardens, offenders, and loved ones who had been trying to get this information out for decades, but it fell on deaf ears. Many of us continue to live with the aftermath of what took place that Sunday evening in April 2018.

Sadly, many were harmed and 7 men lost their lives.

Let this be a continuous process of sharing what's happening with the South Carolina Department of Corrections and not a hot button topic that passes us by until the next story overshadows it.
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