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Offenders who were at Lee during the April 2018 riots are being contacted by mail to provide information about what their experiences were like during that time.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, yet I believe this is the same reporter who joined this site for the same purpose.

SCDC policy states:

"REQUESTS FOR INTERVIEWS WITH INMATES: Personal contact interviews with any SCDC inmate, untried county safekeeper, or death row inmate by anyone will be prohibited. (NOTE: This prohibition does not apply to internal or external law enforcement, Agency officials, internal and external auditors, or legal professionals who may need to interview inmates for purposes of an investigation or pending legal action or to researchers approved pursuant to SCDC Policy/ Procedure ADM-15.07, "Research Conducted Within the

There are measures that could have been taken long before April 2018 to find out the experiences of what these men and women have been enduring long before lives were lost. There was report released that states that, there are committee meetings at the SC State House monthly with SCDC.

Not a single article written has been about nothing more than deaths and contraband, and a few that follow to show that there's some modest changes taken place within state prisons.

Everyone wanted to sensationalize the riots and when the next big story hit, you move on until the same headlines regarding "contraband" and "lack of staffing" are the problem/cause for xyz.

Please understand, what you see as a story, it's our lives.
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