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Originally Posted by MrsFreeman716 View Post
I've been calling non stop to Va DOC every week to figure this out for my husband. He has been sentenced for a year now and he is due to be home in April 2019. They refuse to calculate his time and it's so frustrating because we know he is supposed to be home really soon. I've emailed them and called them with no luck. Anyone else having this problem?
I'm assuming it's not listed on their website. Has he talked to his counselor? Is he in the local jail or already moved into a prison? My husband didn't get any update until he actually moved into the prison. He was at the county jail for 7 + months after sentencing with no release date. Once he was moved to receiving he got a date, and then every year they give him an update.

If he isn't in at the prison yet, then he'll probably get moved soon. One of the guys he was in with got moved to prison 3months before his release date.

Hope this helps!
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