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No this is not Lucasville, My man was just transferred from Lucasville a few weeks ago to this new prison... Ohio State Penitentiary... And it is located in Youngstown Ohio...

I think that i will be able to get Contact Visits eventually... Word has it that they are going to be allowing contact visits within the next few months ... but who knows...??? But that would be only for the lighter level inmates on good behavior probably...

My man is on the 4B level... which is highest level at Lucasville, and he was so tired of being treated badly at Lucasville, that he asked for a transfer to O.S.P... And he is so much more happier here so far... They are allowed a TV... Radio... More items in their cell, he says the cells are bigger... cleaner... A.C. also... which he was so tired of at Lucasville, they dont have A.C in the hole or whatever... So he was roasted everyday in the hot environment... He is happy so far... but that could change quickly...
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