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Default Ohio State Penitentiary; Youngstown, Ohio; Visitation question

I recently had my first visit at Ohio State Penitentiary, and was amazed at how nice it was to visit there... So far anyways...

You will first go through two gates outside before you reach the front door, and right as you walk in the front door there is a man behind a desk who signs you in... you walk through a metal detector and if you clear... you go directly into another room over to the right, and the woman signs you in and gives you pass... she keeps possession of your drivers license and then proceeds to tell you to go to the fourth floor, via elevator... when you get there... the elevator doors open and you walk directly into the visiting area... There is a big wide open space with a single desk in the middle of the room where a CO sits, and he takes you to the visiting room (glass visits, only)... The inmate is already sitting there waiting for you when you get off the elevator. Which is nice compared to other places where you have to sit and wait for an hour sometimes... But there are several glass visiting rooms along the outside of the big wide open room... They take you and place you in this little room and then they lock the door behind you... with a key... you have no door handle in the inside where you are... it is a steel door with a glass window... even the walls of the visiting room your sitting in are glass half way up... You can hear your loved oned very well... through the glass via the vents on the sides. Important though... If your loved one has to go to the restroom during the visit, you must cancel your visit because they will not let him go and then bring him back... so make sure you inform your loved one to do his "business" before the visit... You on the hand can go to the restroom upstairs, all you have to do is knock on the door and they CO will come unlock it and let you out... as far as i know... I saw others coming and going so it must be that way...

Next is... You can not bring anything in with you besides your keys and your drivers license... there are no vending machines inside. No money, no nothing besides what i stated above...

And don't wear anything that goes above the knee... tight or offensive in anyway... and you should be fine to pass through the front.

My visit was very nice and i didn't have any problems...

If you have any other questions i can help you with let me know... I'll be glad to help you with anything i can.
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