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Angry Ohio Prepaid To My Ohio Cell Phone Already Giving Me A Headache!!!!

I got my Ohio cell phone today and set it up for a local #740 for him. Called mci with a few questions and they tell me that I should call my cell phone company and have them lift the "collect call block" or "call restriction"( n was told by MCI they have to do this or basically im screwed and NO OTHER WAY AROUND THIS he even asked me who I went thru and i told him and he said "yea they will do it for u") so okay no biggie. I did that but my cell co said "we don't support collect calls" im thinking OOOOHHH NOOOOO did I waste my money getting this phone and all that cause according to MCI I have to be able to accept collect calls in order for a prepaid account. So at this point im upset calling back mci and talking to another lady that told me that all he has to do is make an attempt to my phone and even if I can't recieve collect calls they will be able to see that he's tried and that I would have to fax info showing the #, a name, and an address(what I knew I was gonna have to do anyways) and then to wait 24-48 hours and I can call back in and indeed set up the prepaid account. I went round and round with the lady and had her repeat all that at least 3 times because I want to be sure that infact this will work.

Seems like each dang time you call MCI(prepaid) you get told something different each time and it was frustrating the crap out of me.

I hope mine calls soon. I have 1 call left and I need this to work as I don't want to spend anymore $ with my other prepaid mci account/pco hence why Im hoping this works. I will have him call my # and then do what mci told me to do which is call them back give them the # and see if he's attempted to call and hopefully get the ball rolling.

I didn't know something that made me so excited and made me look forward to was gonna be so dang frustrating but there again I have to member who Im dealing with.....good ole' MCI!!!!


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