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Yeah I will... Iím MWI but I guess Iím a lot different than most of the MWIs on here. I donít want a proposal, I donít want a long-term commitment, all I want is honesty & respect.
Mine is a lifer and already in his 27th year and when he comes home he needs his freedom to Ącatch upď. He was 19 when he went in for murder.
I love him, I truly do, but like you today I feel he needs to be free to do whatever he wants now and when he comes home.
Sometimes it pains me a bit because I want him in my life but to be fair, Iím pretty independent as well so whom am I to say Ąyouíre mineď and Ąstay with me and only meď.
He has so much Ągrowing upď to do and Iíll be there for him if or when he needs me but Iím neither a therapist nor the Salvation Army nor a bank.
Iím trying to realistic and knowing he needs a lot more than me in his life once out - which could be in a few more years. Plus... Iím no spring chicken anymore... he might want someone younger...
Itís somewhat of a guessing game as well so Iím taking one day at a time and enjoy visiting him and hearing his voice.
Follow your heart but take your brain with you...
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