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be glad you didn't appeal to SCOTUS - the majority of certs don't get the vote. A lot of appeals get a one line response - we're not going to hear your case.

Remember, it takes a while for a brief to get put together, then a reply from the State, then the rebuttal. All that time, other courts, higher courts, courts who have the power to make a matter moot, are issuing their own opinions. What at one point could look like a great issue can turn into a 1 sentence response from the appellate court based on an opinion from a higher court issued the day the appellate court finally has the ability to fully consider the issue.

Judges can and do blindside both sides here and there. While most don't, a judge can eviscerate a plea agreement, and suddenly the Defendant's doing the max time, or alternatively, next to nothing. Judges call it justice, and it happens, even when you think your plea bargain is completely sewn up.

Further, a Judge can disagree with a jury and enter a directed verdict despite what a jury happens to say.

Did your side get screwed by the attorney? Dunno - strange things can happen in court. Is a 1 paragraph response from an appellate court the basis of an IAC complaint/appeal for your LO? Dunno - it happens to the best attorneys no matter how much work we put into something.
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