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Default I am so sorry

Nawnee, I don't know where to start with telling you how sorry I am. You found the right place for support and encouragement. There are many of us that have a loved one that has been sent out of state. My man is in CO along with many others. There are several there in Appleton where your husband is now. What none of us understand is how or why DOC can do this to families.It doesn't make any sense to break families up more than they already are. The daily struggles are so difficult and when they add more to it, well it is just totally mind boggling. I am sure that any one on PTO is more than willing to talk to you when ever you need a shoulder. Finding this group will be very helpful for you. Great for venting if nothing else. Feel free to PM me anytime at all if you want to talk.
Originally Posted by nawnee
Hell, my husband was transferred to Appleton, I think that must be what you guys are calling Prairie Corrections? Anyway they took him with almost now warning at all. I had just been up to visit him and then my daughter calls and says that she got a letter telling her that by the time she got it he would be gone. Sure enough I called the prison in airway heights and the had shipped him out at about 9:30 am.that day.
I just found this site by accident looking for real estate in Appleton MN so that we could move there to be close to him. Any news or help is greatly appreciated. We have been practically paralized not knowing what to do. This is terrible how can they do this to families? I read on one post that they were supposedly screened carefully? I don't think so. What do we do now? when do they plan on sending them back? I am sooooo frustrated, but I am sooooo glad that I found this site. I guess God really does reach you in times of need.
Mrs. D, you will forever live
on in our hearts. I miss you!!
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