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Arrow RE: Prairie

Hello M&M&M, Penwife, JJT, Patti, Frozen and rest of the gang,

I am sorry for not being more forth coming with the information RE: Prairie. I have been procrastinating for a couple of different reasons but I guess it is time to start sharing, so bare with me as this could get very long winded. I usually talk to Turtle on a daily basis so I will ask any questions posted and let you know what he says or can find out, within a day or so.
First off, the way the facility was described to me …it is a lot like Mason County jail cold and cramped with poor, inadequate dental and medical services. At least they allowed even encouraged, Christian worship without any hassles. Apparently, the warden, at Prairie, makes it no secret that he is anti Christian and discourages any religious activities. They are allowed to have a cross but no chain so the guys use dental floss to wear the cross around their necks. Some of the guards allow the cross’ to show, others have threatened the guys with writes ups and even the hole for not concealing the crosses under their shirts.

Re: the jobs, several of the WA guys are more then qualified and have been approved for the min. wage jobs only to be turned down by the warden. His reasoning was to see “if they could handle the stress of rejection”. Right now here are a lot of the better paying min. wage jobs available, the exact industries I am not sure of, other then the sewing (as Turtle calls it). Many of the WI guys held these jobs and were just recently sent back to WI. The first guy that got a descent-paying job was the same one who lost his baby girl shortly after being transferred. The rumor mill said the only reason he got the job was so he could reimburse CCA for the expense of flying him back for the funeral.

Are the WA. inmates segregated from the other inmates?

Yes, they are segregated by state. The part the pisses me of is that they are not segregated by status. This is good for the max. security guys but it sucks for the min- med security guys. As a side note the way they status the guys sucks also. Turtle is med. do to be reduced min. in Feb. after his one yr. is up. The way they status him, he is borderline max. despite the fact that he is infraction free.

Some of the guards seem to try and incite riots by making statements that cause frictions between the states. Other seem to be on a power trip, unprofessional and under trained “wannabe” guards.

Are Clothing packages even allowed or do the guys have to buy them from approved venders?

We are not allowed to send them anything. Several times a yr. (I am thinking it is quarterly) they can order clothes, TVs, blankets, pillows or whatever they need from the commissary. We just have to send a money order made out to the vendor for the exact amount of the order. They do not takeout the normal 55% that way. Kev said they give ok coat but you can’t even by gloves anymore. Thank goodness, he got his before they started that otherwise, his hands would freeze when he goes out in the yard.

What about special diets? Are they available or does it take an act of Congress?

I heard that CCA had gotten frustrated with all the special diet requests. They had decided it wasn’t cost effective to transfer inmates who had special diets. I am not sure what they will do for a vegaterian diet but I about blew a fuse when I found out what they are telling the guys who need a “heart healthy” diet to do. They are gven booklet explaining what they need as far as low fat, low sodium, etc. then they are told that CA provides them with over 3000 calories a day all they have to do is pick and choose what they should or shouldn’t eat.

Turlte, for instance is going to keep getting worse. He can read all the literature but unless he has a list of the ingredients he’ll have no idea what is ok for him to eat. He said that if he cuts out all the “greasy” and “salty” tasting foods he will starve. His teeth are so bad he cannot eat raw veggies and frush fruit like apples and stuff. He was supposed to get his teeth pulled just prior to leaving WSP. Now he has to wait for who knows how long. That is another thing that is lacking… proper and complele medical /dental care.

When he told me that my usually very low blood pressure would of pegged the meter. I was so ready to call Olympia but I didn‘t. I get so damn frustrated at times like this. I can’t even call and yell at anyone because when I get this upset my voice completely fails me. I tried to use my TTY phone but it just isn’t the same when it takes 5 minutes to type something that is only takes like 30 seconds to have someone else read.

Ok I am getting off my soapbox. If anything needs clarifying let me know and I will try to clear it up. Sorry for rambling on so long but t least I warned ya’ll.

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