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Hello Everyone,

It's been a while. Experiencing life after prison. My Wife had a very cool probation officer. Then......they gave her a new one. That changed pretty quick. There first visit was when only my 19 year old daughter was home. My Wife was at her new job. My Daughter allowed them in (she didn't know any better), they went through the house. Left a card and went on their way. The second time (these were 2 months apart), was on a Wednesday at 9:15pm. Pounded on my bedroom door and woke me up. I was wasn't very pleasant with them. My Wife was handcuffed in front of our 13 year old Son, who was crying and filled with anger. They searched the house again and found nothing again. She is a non-violent white collar felon. Ridiculous. The probation officer was a jerk. He said she has probably another year of probation. Before all this, she had landed a great job. She "checked" the box on her app and I guess they didn't realize it. 7 months later, they "realized " and let her go because her position "was too visible". Unreal. Has to be a better freakin way for all of this.
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