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Originally Posted by frnd2me View Post
My BF was revoked for two 5 yr terms consecutively....TEN YEARS total, in far and away thats overkill for his case. He did an Alford plea back in 2005. Now because of this huge overkill sentencing, he is writing requesting an appeal on the revocation. He keeps telling me (dragging his feet in my view) that he is waiting until this year Labor Day to file it because of some changes to sentencing and probation for SO he has been waiting for news about, but he wont go into details with me. Has anyone heard that there are changes of some sort coming? Last time he was out(for 6 months) he was on GPS monitor. When he is released next will he have to spend 15 yrs on probation wearing that again???

Please pm me if you have info
T is an SO, I haven't heard of any changes in supervision. He just got a whole new list of rules because they did update SSO rules, but that just added to what he had. T is not on GPS, but I have heard of some people spending all of supervision on a bracelet. Good luck and definitely update me if you find out!

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