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I think that CT is fairly well resourced where it comes to DOC; staffing is adequate (abundant compared to some systems), compensated well and screened (tend to be educated, experienced/trained). The prisons themselves are not horrifically overcrowded and we are fortunate in that the prisons are overseen by the state and not private corporations.

With that said, our visiting practices are minimal. One hour visits are inadequate. They are going in the wrong direction by decreasing the frequency and duration of available visits. It also seems odd to have varying visit practices by institution. It would be different, I guess, if it were by level...all level 2's have X visits, level 3's Y visits, and so on. But if I am a level 3 and placed in one facility, why should I have less or more visits than my peer? We say that visits are important to rehabilitation and reunification, yet do nothing to promote them.

I am surprised that the guys don't band together to challenge the visit practices. In the case of Niantic, it would be great for the people who have been impacted to file grievances, consistent with the Prison Litigation Reform Act, and "exhaust all administrative remedies" to then bring the case to court as a class action suit. I wonder if there would be any chance of improving conditions....
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So...What's your point?

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