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Default Niantic Annex Visit Changes

Niantic Annex has changed their visitation policies regarding how many visits are allowed. It used to be 2 visits M-F of 2 hours each and 1 visit on the weekend of 1 hour. They are now only allowing 1 visit M-F of 1 hour and then the 1 hour visit on the weekend.

They had changed the schedule in June but weren't enforcing it. They were still allowing inmates to have visits all three of their visiting days, but cutting it off at one hour.

Unfortunately, today they decided they were going to start enforcing the amount of visits. I was turned away along with a bunch of others because our LO's had already had their visit earlier in the week. It is SO aggravating and I have no idea why they decided to change the schedule.

So for anyone who visits Niantic Annex, keep in mind that if you or someone has already visited in the beginning of the week, you won't be able to visit again until the weekend.

This only applies to the men's prison.
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