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It may be best to try to advocate for him with the halfway house rather than filing a complaint which may backfire. Maybe your boyfriend can add you as a contact so you can speak directly with management at the house? Does he have a place to live upon discharge? That can hold things up, too, although it doesn't sound as though that was as an issue. He can also sit with staff within the house to find-out if there is something else he should do in order to be released. I am sure there isn't but it reminds management that he was supposed to be released already and has done everything he needs to while sounding much more compliant than a filing a grievance. I'd start with him advocating for himself but not in an argumentative way, and then mane adding you as a contact so you can call the house manager to find-out if there is something you can do to assist. Again, acting as a partner in this while letting them know that someone outside of "the system" is watching this case. Good luck!
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