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Default Do I have grounds for a complaint? Should have been released 2 months ago!

My boyfriend is in a halfway house with a maximum of 180 days there which would be 6 months. He's been there since January 7 2014. Almost 8 months! They've been telling him for 2 months that he'll be going home "any day now". All of the paperwork is in but he's still there. Today they called his mom and told her they don't know what happened to the paperwork and needed the information again. He hasn't gotten into any trouble the whole time he was in prison and the halfway house. He found a job within the first week he was there. A guy who did 20 years for murder was put in the halfway house after my man got there and he's out already! Its ridiculous. Do I have grounds for a complaint and if so who do I contact?
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