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His Wife, عاكِفة

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We are both Muslim (I wasn't when I met him, but after researching it for a year or so, I felt that what I had learned was true, and I converted)...and I wouldn't have it any other way. Now, even if things didn't work out 'tween us for some reason....I would not even contemplate dating, let alone marrying, a non-Muslim.

I love listening to m'love recite Qur'an to me in Arabic; and I look forward to the day when we can offer our obligatory prayer together; and I look forward to fasting and breaking fast with him. Our faith is very important to us both.

"Time as a measurement of love is eternal.
It extends beyond the borders of forever into the depths of infinity.
I love you this and much more."

Finally, happily married to m'love: 1/25/13.

Jeg lærer dansk (for et år) og norsk (for ti uger).

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