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My friend was on a SCRAM before he went in. It was pretty wild. It would vibrate once every hour when it took a reading of the alcohol on his skin. Then, once a day, he would have to sit by a modem which took the day's readings and transmitted them to the office. It kept him from drinking, that's for sure. But they are VERY sensitive. He couldn't use mouthwash, cough medicine, cologne, even some toothpastes could set it off. Plus it kept messing up. He would sit by the modem for hours at a time (his time was 2:00 am, and he had to be there for 20 minutes before his time, until the readings were done) and the modem wouldn't kick in. All in all, it seemed like a good idea, but it has some quirks that need to be worked out. It costs $12 a day too.

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