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Originally Posted by Onetruemisfit View Post
Were any of you visiting a therapist at 21? Have any of you at all, at any point in your life regularly seen a therapist?

Also for the lady asking what happened with my engagement. I didn't get married. Mainly because of drugs and alcohol and how it effected our relationship. Something I want to help her stay off of and I have been off of for a long time. Also I didn't have much stability and relied too much on my exfiance's help. Now I am my own man and ready to take care of someone else.

Lots of people who waited until later in their lives to get married still got divorces. It means nothing. I think statistics show that actually the longer you wait to get married the less likely it is to succeed.

Someone said I don't know yet what she can offer me. I don't know she can offer me companionship? She is now already. And someone told me to get a dog. Really? lol I think people just don't want me to even try to be with her but that's too bad. I don't have a lot of high standards besides her not having a kid and not drinking or doing drugs. (Which in today's world is high standards). A lot of men aren't really picky and just want an attractive woman to be by their side. I don't even care if she works or not along with a lot of other things.
Seriously now, stop being your own "therapist" and most of all stop being a therapist to others. In the end you have not the "tools" to help anyone out, just be supportive of THEIR choices. Or do you have the proper education as in schooling to be a licensed therapist????
Read carefully what Eric (missingdee) writes, he's been through it big time and you can read it all here on this forum.
Plus... stop being the "know-it-all"... not because you've been through "it" makes it okay to push her or "coerce" her or whatever you want to call it.
You are not her master and with your attitude you might bring her closer to drugs again by pushing her to much into something she does not know yet if she wants it.
Follow your heart but take your brain with you...
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