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"Juvenile age" - does this mean Youthful offender or Juvenile adelinque?

there is a lot of variability in laws across the board here. in WI, violent crimes and non status crimes get charged under adult statute with adult penalties as low as age 12. Mandatory. In other states, its 15. In some states you start in adult court and petition down to juvenile with a lot of petitions routinely granted. In other states, they start in juvenile with the State petitioning up to adult court requiring a finding that, for the purposes of protecting society and because the child cannot be managed by the juvenile system, the child should be tried as an adult.

With the exception of the Death Penalty, children under 18, the magic number, can face just about any pentalty that an adult can face. Well, except LWOP. It's only been in the last few years that SCOTUS has said that those under 18 need to have a reasonable chance at parole (note, reasonable chance, not that they are actually going to be paroled at a time definite).

Everybody else is pretty much screwed. You can thank gangs, the perception of the "super predator" from the 80's-90's, political scare tactics, and the fact that it generally costs less to house an adult inmate than somebody deemed a juvenile. And there's a profit motivation as well, though nobody talks about it.

So, rule of thumb:
Any crime other than a death penalty or LWOP offense usually results in no movement of age

Any crime involving violence that gets a certain amount of noteriety results in a movement down, especially when there's blood or other children involved

Any crime that gains national or international attention especially when we are talking murder or sex usually gets people talking about moving the age down or other mandatory changes that result in greater penalties to children.

Only when there's substantive overcrowding and a court order in adult prisons do they talk about increasing the age necessary for an adult conviction among children facing serious crimes.

This is doubly true of red states.

But, hey, maybe in the wake of the Parkland Shooting, some legislator has decided he doesn't want to get Re-elected, and is actually petitioning to have the age for juvenile increased to 21. In other words, there's going to be a lot of political fallout because of Mr. Cruz, and any proposed legislation that was looking to save the taxpayer money by getting people under the age of 21 out of prisons quickly by extending policies directed at juvenile offenders or youthful offenders to them is pretty much out the door.

Just my best guess.
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