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Unhappy Easter will never be the same...

As with every holiday, I called my stepdaughter to say Happy Easter, and she didn't answer.
She messaged me and said I'm sorry I haven't called, but pray. Please pray. My brother is missing.
He was at her house for dinner with her, her Mother and her 2 little girls, on Wednesday evening (before Easter) and left to go back to his halfway house, and his last words were, "See everyone at Moms, on Easter" and never was heard from since.
He has battled opioid addiction, for a few years. Got caught, and did time in state prison.
He paroled out, to a halfway house. Had been doing SUPER!! Working an electrician union job, making superb money and really focusing on his sobriety, and family.
Easter Sunday arrives. Everyone is arriving at my stepdaughters, Mothers house, to celebrate the holiday. Children were laughing and running around in their pretty dresses, and suits. And meanwhile, everyone is making every attempt to locate her brother. To no avail.
Midway through dinner, my stepdaughter broke down. She started sobbing uncontrollably, and looked at her Mother and said, "Mom, something is wrong. Something is not right. Where is my brother?!?!?" At that point her stepdad stood up midway through his meal and said, "I'm out of here. I have got to go find my stepson" and flew to Scranton, to the halfway house.
His rental car was in the parking lot. He attempted to pound on his door, to no avail. Another rentor came out of his place, and said, Sir I'm sorry but they kicked his door in, and took him out of here Thursday.
3 days later, Easter Sunday and his Mother still hadn't been notified (his next of kin) he had all types of ID on him. His PO knew. Yet, if his stepdad hadn't drove all the way to Scranton, we never wouldn't known.
He relapsed. Pure fentanyl, per the coroner. (Her Mother drove to Scranton then, and met with the local police detective)
My stepdaughter called me right away, and I flew as fast as I could to be by her side. And to get the children out of there, if need be.
Heartbreaking to say the least. The poor Mother of this boy. I cannot even begin to explain how gut wrenching the atmosphere was, at that home yesterday.
Addiction is the devil. And once the devil grabs you, it's the hardest battle you will ever, ever achieve. If you are an addict, and playing with this devil, fight! FIGHT HARD. And I'm praying that you win! (Sorry for long post - totally devastated)

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