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Originally Posted by Zeus&BugsMom View Post
Hi, I hope I'm doing this correctly.
I just had a friend having the same problem, and after asking her some questions I found out her problem was she hadn't set up her phone account. That may not be your issue, but I wanted to ask.

I noticed you said that he has money on his books, but does he have money on his phones that's two separate entities. He can purchase phone time through the inmate store or you can fund your phone account.

Have you set up your phone account ? I think it's CenturyLinkcorrections . (The site takes you to ICSolutions).
(Just Googled Arizona inmate phones and that's who it told me to go through). Sorry i can't post links or screenshots yet.

Sorry, If they have other phone systems that you can use, I don't know what they are.

You also might be able to call their visitation center and ask them if his phone has been set up yet. Sometimes things slip through the cracks and our poor guys pay the price.

Good luck I hope you get your call soon.

I finally got my first call yesterday! I left a message at the visitation center and someone ACTUALLY called me back. Anyways, apparently they have been having phone issues at this facility. He had been trying to call me for a few days. Thank you all for your support. Tomorrow I'll be having my first onsite visit with him!! woohooo!!!
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