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Prison is hours and days of total boredom interrupted by a sudden few minutes of WTF, then back to days of boredom and routine. Most of the time the WTF moment has nothing to do with you, but you see it happen. Eventually it will have something to do with you.

My free tips that are of proper value...

Don’t gamble... for the love of God...

Don’t do drugs and that won’t be a problem

Nothing is free, expect to have to pay back what’s given. *most* inmates aren’t dicks about this, but the piper will come calling eventually. “Hey remember that time I gave u a such and such...” it’s prison, and at some point everyone needs something now, like stationary, or commissary...

Stay out of the tv room; it’s a mois Isley Star Wars wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Read books

Don’t talk to staff; BoP is the DMV with even less helpful staff, and other inmates will think you’re snitching. Nothing good will come out of it.

Don’t play team sports, you’ll get hurt and a doctors visit requires weeks of waiting for poor treatment. Regular exercise like Jogging and yoga is fine.
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