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Originally Posted by fbopnomore View Post
All SOs in federal prison receive a "public safety factor" which means the lowest security level they are eligible for is low security. The bop does have a couple of "camps" that are rated as lows, but they are not easy to get into. I actually spent the majority of my 5 year prison sentence in FCI Mediums, and preferred them to either of the 2 lows I was sent to.

If the PO was assigned to "pretrial services", you are done with her unless she transfers to the post prison group. The actual PO that he is assigned definitely matters, same rules, but completely different enforcement. The PO assignment is totally up to the office supervisor, and usually changes frequently.

The trip was challenging, but what he, and you, had to endure is 100 times better than if he was forced to be transported by the US Marshals. Plus his "custody score" will be lowered (which doesn't really matter much because of the public safety factor) because he was allowed to "self surrender".

Once he becomes acclimated to prison, life should become easier for him.
I totally agree. While we have said had he been arrested and stayed inside from the time this started it would nearly be over already... but we also knew that was not completely an option and we were able to be more prepared, especially me. It would have been way worse considering I didn't work and was in a home I could't really afford.

As far as the PO goes, apparently there is a chance we'll get her again. Last week another PO came to the house that we had met before but he was just doing a check for her. We discussed things and he stated that in a perfect world they had the pre-trial, post-trial... release PO's but that doesn't always happen and they have all been saddled with all kinds of cases. He also said the First Steps put a lot on them too and overloaded them. Worse case scenario he gets her again later for a short while and she has more experience in these cases under her belt.
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