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Again... I want to thank everyone for their responses and help. It was a very long trip.... 6 hours each way by the time we stopped for gas and restroom breaks. Our son went with us so it helped, especially with the driving. We had planned on stopping to get something to eat but no one's stomach was feeling it and we kept putting it off so much that before we knew it we were on the road to the prison and that was it!!

Forrest City has a camp, low and medium all together and he wasn't informed before he went where he'd be going for sure. I was mostly certain it would be the Low since I've heard SO's don't generally go to the camps and didn't expect the Medium. The BOP site was updated today to confirm he's in the low.

On the way down the lawyer called me. I had left him a message the night before on his machine telling him what was going on. He was never fond of the PO either that was in charge. He said he hadn't gotten anything and said he's sure that the "miscommunication" was once again due to the PO since they said again yesterday when he SS that they expected him last Friday. But... she's in our past now thankfully... There is a chance he could get her when he gets out for a little bit but he'll more than likely get another one we met and know at least at first.

The prison had a parking lot so we drove in there, got out and said our goodbyes and then our son walked in with him. I had sent him with like $20 in case he could have it since some can. I only did that little because if they didn't let him then I was only out that temporarily and I was already planning to go to WU immediately when we left. We did wire money before we left Arkansas. He was able to keep the paper that had names, numbers and email addresses on it as well as what his medications are.

I'm not sure obviously when he'll be able to call or email. I'm just glad we got all of the things done we wanted before this was sprung on us. I wanted to pay my vehicle off and did that last week and we had some things we needed done at the house so at least those were done. Now it's just getting used to a new normal.
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