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Originally Posted by Mickys_girl888 View Post
Iím sorry if Iím upsetting anyone. I know not everyone is going to understand my way of thinking. (Believe me, Iíve lost friends and family over it)
But in therapy I learned about self care and anything negative towards our relationship, Iím just choosing to block out of my life for my own healing and it has made me feel better. I canít handle anymore negativity.

So seeing him is something I also think will help with my healing, and the fact the jail didnít deny my scheduled visit, should mean I have the green light, right?

Iím so new to all of this. Iíve never been to a jail to visit someone. Iím just looking to see if thereís no restraining order, then legally I should be ok?

Plus he has reading glasses Iím going to drop off. Theyíll have to go through inspection. But everyone deserves the right to be able to see/read. So I figured Iíd try and schedule a visit. Them turning me away would be the worst that would happen, right? (if the restraining order ends up being true. Itís just weird because Iíve never been told about it by my team) And worse case, if I canít see him, then at least I can drop off his glasses. Iím really the only person able to do this. None of his family lives in the same state.

I just want to make sure it will be fine, and I promise Iíll stop posting in this forum, since Iím really upsetting everyone. Which I donít think I can take any more of either. Iím truly sorry. I think this experience is something I just need to live and learn for myself. Iím not ready to throw in the towel. Iím sorry.
My husband an I had a domestic violence issue many years ago. He did 2 years of counseling and classes before I allowed him back in my home and life. I always went to counseling for several months and the top 3 things I learned and where secure in befor I allowed him back in my life where this.
1. It was not my fault, no matter what I said he made the choice to hurt me. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. if he ever implies it was he has not changed.
2. It is NOT NORMAL... NOT EVRRYONE HURTS THE G/F B/F WIFE OR HUSBAND. if you believe it's normal you are not ready to return to the relationship...
3. If it is a codependent relationship it's not the relationship you need. The only person you need is you. If you feel you need that person... it's not a constructive relationship. You should want your partner not need them...

Your not ready to walk away and that's your right. However I hope you do seek out counseling. Take this time apart to work on you learn what you can so you can be your person... lifes hard and at time lonely
But if you do your best, the universe will do the rest. You should be with a man only because you want to be not because you feel you need that person.
There's not much in life we get to choose, but boot I'd choose you everytime.
I miss my best friend...
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