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Originally Posted by Girl22472 View Post
At 2:30 hubby and I were outside and apparently the phone rang and a message was left by his PO. We noticed the machine at 3:30.... at 4 she finally returns his call.... Her story is that there was some alleged "miscommunication" and he was to report to Forrest City Arkansas LAST Friday. So now he has to be at the probation office tomorrow morning at 7 am to get his monitor off and we head to Arkansas, a 5.5 hr trip.

Of course I have to map things out and will be on the BOP site looking things up but I'm looking for quick information on the prison as well as exactly what he's allowed to have with him.... what we can expect....etc.

I've been here for a while dealing with things and doing them one step at a time... we were told we'd have time for this step.... of course that didn't happen!!!!! Help!
I AM AN EX FEDERAL INMATE AND A FED SENTENCING AND PRISON CONSULTANT [removed per PTO policy] Whatever questions you have please post here and let me know if you need help... I can give you pretty precise info but please keep in mind the wardens at different facilities do have slightly different rules even though most facilities its the same since the FEDS like to keep things unified...

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