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The only thing he will be allowed to keep are one pair of eyeglasses (that he has to say are worth less than $100.00) and "legal paperwork". Anything else, including his clothes, will have to be mailed home or "donated", whatever that means. Legal paperwork can usually include a list of names, addresses and phone numbers, plus a list of his RX medications (not the meds themselves). Since that depends on the CO who is assigned to do his intake you should also mail him the same information immediately.

Any prescriptions will be dealt with initially during his intake meeting with a medical staffer. That will determine what meds he will get until he meets with the regular medical staff during a "callout" a week or so later. That meeting will decide what prescription drugs he will receive.

He will need to have money available within a few days, and wiring it is the quickest way for him to have access (but not the least expensive which are US Postal money orders; any other MOs are held for 15 days).

He is lucky that you can still drive him to the prison. The usual fallback when dealing with POs is to be turned over to the US Marshals for transport.

He may be able to call you from his counselor's office, but he won't be set up on the inmate telephone system for up to a week. He has to give his counselor a list of every phone number he is allowed to call, which must be approved. Then he has to wait to receive his telephone pin number in the mail, and satisfy the system's voice recognition setup. Once that happens, he can use the phone to switch money from his commissary account to purchase prepaid phone minutes, or call you collect (that phone must be able to accept collect calls). If he is permitted email, he will send you an invitation message that you must reply to, so be sure to check your spam and trash folders too.

That covers what he can expect to happen right away.

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