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Originally Posted by keywii View Post
A relationship is a two way street! You both have to be on the same page in talking and working things out, in your relationship. It's no breaks in between. You either want to talk and work things out or just go your separate ways. Breaks leads to other things. It looks like she didn't want to continue with a relationship anymore. She either did move on to be with an inmate inside with her OR she just told you that so you could move on with your life. It's nothing you can do about it. You live, you learn, and you move on. Regardless, of what you've done for her and all the effort you've put into the relationship. A relationship can't last without both sides doing it together as a team. I know you feel hurt and lost on what she did, how she did it. Especially, after everything you've done for her and she ends it in this way. You have to just let go of the things you did for her, at that time y'all was in a relationship and you did it out of love you had for her, and y'all relationship. If she was using you she'll eventually face her own karma.
Should I write her back or leave it as it is?
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