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Originally Posted by Sheisinaz View Post
And cause she hurt me I distanced myself. And when I decided to try to talk things out she threw I moved on card.She only been in Perryville for a month and two weeks. She moved on so fast.
She was talking to other people.
I got hurt so I bounced.
She told me to think about it.
I decided to work on it ( can't work on a relationship by yourself)
She 'moved on' and it's your fault because she's alone (what?).

She hasn't moved on, if there even is another girl it won't last. If this small snippet is indicative of the tone of your relationship, it sounds like y'all did more push-pull than a game of tug-o-war at a family reunion. Paying for her lawyer was a choice and one I suppose you regret, but at the time you did it you felt it was the right thing to do so you've gotta let it go.

I don't know how old you are but my guess is that you're both a little young. Look back at what you did that you wouldn't do again and find yourself a happy future.
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