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Originally Posted by Morris1
My son was telling me just last week-end that there are guys that are about to drop points that would put them on a 2 yard so they get into trouble on purpose to pick up the points that will keep them on the 3 yard. It is much safer. The 2 yards are the bunkbed mess and anyone can get to you and the guards can see very little. You have to keep one eye open when you sleep.

Morris I totally agree with you here!!! My husband was explaining this very thing to me a couple of weekends ago. It really surprised me, I thought a lower level would be better but I guess not. He also said he was glad he was not in a dorm anymore for that same reason. His points have dropped but the counselors are so overworked that they have not given him a reveiw and probably won't do so since he has only about 10 months left.