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Originally Posted by Mickey's Mom
Can someone give me info on Blackwater River Prison? I know it is run by GEO but that is all I know. Thanks
Hi Mickey's Mom
Here's the low down on BRCF. The guards will canvass the parking lot and then let visitors in to fill out forms about 7:30.
They will hold car keys with your id.
After hand test and pat down if you're cleared you are lead to the vp. The VP only has machines and yes there is a coin machine. But beware it has the problem of running out regularly. The machines have the typical stuck coffee, soda, sandwiches and recently cheesecake, ice cream.
The tables are set up with 4 chairs and u are able to hold hands with your love one.
It is an only inside VP. There is an outside walled section that they used to allow visitors to go but that stopped after removal of cigarettes.
There is no tv only games , deck of cards and coloring books for kids.
If u wanna take pictures your love one has to purchase ahead of time from the canteen back at the dorms.
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