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I have visited this facility. It's where Marty was when we got approved to marry, where he was when he fell and hit his head so hard he thought he could get back on that mess and talk to me like I was a dog, and where he was when I moved to Georgia and got married.....

But, you didn't ask about that.

It's only inside visiting with a big lunch room like visiting area with a partition in the middle and prisoners with children visitors sit on one side and all others go to the other side. That's all I know about that, I didn't ask and no one volunteered any info.

All change machine gives you the dollar coins, I thought that was neat. The visiting area has a TV and usually plays kiddy shows. They have coloring pages and crayons and games and such at the check in desk. But, the prisoner has to sign them in and out. Out of about 10 visits, I never saw anyone get in trouble for anything. So, they are either really laid back or they make sure to keep it hush, hush.

I'm sure someone else will be along here shortly to fill in any gaps.

Oh, keep in mind, the time frame I speak of was the fall of 2011. Anything could have changed by now...

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