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From personal experience:

1. If he's died, and you're registered on VINE, you will get a call saying he's left the prison.

2. If he dies, unless you were his emergency contact, they cannot give you any information, however, he will no longer appear in the system.

3. He may be "out on medical" (in the hospital). This would end up with the results you're finding. They can't give out information due to privacy laws, he will appear to still be in custody, but he won't appear as being at any particular institution. In Oregon, the system will list him as in the hospital, but if you aren't the emergency contact, they can't tell you that, they can only say he's not in an institution but is still in the system.

In your position, I would call his Mom and have her contact the prison. If he is in the hospital, she (assuming she's his emergency contact) will be the only person who can get that information.

Another option is to mail letters to any other inmate whose name you can remember who knew him - word travels fast and I found that inmates are very quick to tell family members what they "know". Just be careful because what they "know" is all second hand information. If you do find out anything via this route, make sure to write back and let the person who told you what was going on know that you appreciated his help and here's what you've found out...

I'm sorry he seems to have gotten "lost". I hope you find him soon and that it's nothing more than a paperwork error.
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