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So, I met my guy 4 years ago while he was on vacation in florida. He's from NY and i'm from Florida, we dated for 6 months and had a really bad break up before he got locked up...While we were broken up we didnt talk at all and i had eventually found out through mutual friends that he got locked up. We then got over the past and put our relationship back together, but it has been very tough throughout the years for me to stay in the relationship because i never been in this type of relationship and plus he had alot of years and the courts were talking deportation, thankfully he's not being deported so im super happy about that. it was really it has been off and on bc i love him so much i cant just not be there for now we're at 1 year and two months left and iam still trying very hard to stay strong for the both of were talking marriage and babies miss him like crazy - Looking to connect with other ladies in similar situation
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