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Question Few questions about sex offenders in Mississippi

My boyfriends charge in state of MS is considered a sex offense. I have told him all about PTO and how I have learned so much. I have learned on here that sex offenses are now in 3 tiers. Tier 1 thru 3. I asked him if his paperwork has him leveled. He said no. He asked me how they consider the levels is 1 being the highest the worse or is 3 the most extreme? I have looked on here for the info and was wondering if someone could explain it to me. I could of swore I read that knowing which tier would determine how long one would have to register for the registry. Also I have seen people mention SOTP...I'm guessing its sex offender therapy program? Do all sex offense charges require to participate at some point? He has to do 5 more years as mandated. There is no parole in MS for sex offenders and he has years of probation to do. So, I'm wondering if maybe SOTP would be a condition of his probation. All these requirements and conditions I have read of is confusing to me. I know its all different by ones case and just because i read something doesn't mean will be something that will pertain to him. However, any info I can learn can help me become knowledgeable to help him.

I read alot in this forum and sometimes I don't post as much as I would like out of fear of being judged. In society people see the term sex offense and automatically judge off bat. I hate that.

Again, any info would help. This is part of our reality. Thank you.
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