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Originally Posted by David View Post
I'm not sure you understand what this community is about. I can tell you one thing that it is NOT about and that is gaming the system and running marriage scams.. You might want to look elsewhere if your reason for being here revolves around this type of activity.
I dont advocate doing this either, but we have to live in the world that exists.

A felon has to compete with what the average other citizen does to get by. It is not rare at all to set up these sham marriages for compensation.

After my divorce, I found out that my turkish former brother-in-law was trying to convince my then-20 year old daughter - his family - to marry another distant relative so that he could come to the US and get his green card. She of course refused to do it - i raised her right. And he is beyond a scumbag for trying to get that to happen.

But this is what people do in the real world, and I'd rather see a felon who's trying to make his way do this than go back in.
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