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Originally Posted by nikkee View Post
if it's full time college and you get at least C's for grades. You'll get $5400 from the Pell grant per year and 12k for loans. some states give you another 1-2k for automatic scholarships or state grants. If you've worked 6 months and are on unemployment (or recently lost UE benefits) you can get another 2-k per year from that agency towards your schooling. If you are smart and attend a cheap school (like state jr college) the grant pays your tuition and fees, so the loans and other money is cash in your hand. some jobs (if you don't have a felony) will "forgive" your school loans, year's loan money for a year's work. Felons can marry (and bring here) 3rd worlders, who have degrees in medical field, teaching, engineering, etc. Those folks can get the same loans and grants, and once they have a Bachelor's from here (2 years, part time) they can get DOUBLE the amount of grants and loans. They can also work full time, while in school half time, and what they do with their earnings is between the two of you. :-) Your spouse can't divorce you for 5 years, or back they go to the hell hole out of which you plucked them. After they get US citizenship tho, LOOK OUT. Beware buying real estate, starting a biz, etc, in that 5 years, cause you're likely to lose at least half of it, and do NOT have any kids with them for that first 6 years (if ever). Kids give spouses (especially women) tremendous leverage against you in court, and if you're already a felon, forget getting a fair deal in divorce or custody hearings.
I'm not sure you understand what this community is about. I can tell you one thing that it is NOT about and that is gaming the system and running marriage scams.. You might want to look elsewhere if your reason for being here revolves around this type of activity.
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