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Originally Posted by Laura18 View Post
My friend sent a photo copy of his face sheet saying he could be out at any time because on it under Percent required it says 0%.
However it also says
sen rel date/type, conditional release date is 11 years from his sentence date. (sentence was 14 years)
it says parole 0

Its confusing to me because it seems to be saying two diffrent things.

Plus I know he has to take a year long class before he is released.

Can anyone clear this up? Please.
His conditional release date is the date he will get out, depending on if he completes the program. I am not sure why it says 0% on his sheet. My fiance was sentenced to 15 years, but his conditional release date is next June. He is getting ready to do the MOSOP Program at Farmington Correctional Center.
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