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Originally Posted by Roumelio View Post
How long is a piece of string? I live in Australia, there is no comeuppances that can affect me long term from sending a photo of myself to someone else. Even if it did get passed around.

There's not so much they could do except try to create another inmate profile, and good luck with that if they're in a womens facility. The offender ID would give it away straight away.

Now if your boots are on the ground in the United States where most people are writing OK fine, they might be able to ID you a little easier if they get out. I suggest you use a PO Box instead of your real address.
Good advice on the PO Box. That's what I did for Dee's entire sentence. Still have it, too. Frankly, even if you're not involved in any way with someone in prison, I feel like it's a good thing to have because it's a secure place to have financial information delivered (had one too many items stolen out of my parents' mailbox.)

It turned out to be a good safeguard, on more than one occasion my address got into the wrong hands. But the best anyone could have ever done is go to the post office and wait for me to show up if there was ever any real trouble. (Instead I got letters from girls asking me for cash because they saw I took care of Dee and figured they could pull me for a few bucks as well. LOL! Um. Nope.)

I've not heard of anyone having any real trouble just for sending a picture in. I suppose I was probably in more danger than most since Dee and I had actual history, I came to visit regularly when allowed, etc. But a problem? No.

Of course, I can't really speak to the Men's prisons. But my cousin spent some time in a lower-security prison and said he never felt a threat. Maybe if you were at Pelican Bay or some such thing...
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