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Yeah!! my Hubby is also in Med, and of right now they are still on lockdown, it started the 5th, something about racial disturbance, somebody was going to fight or did fight on the rec yard, I'm worried too, we email eathother daily, and he calls once in a while but the 5th at 9:30am was the last time I got an email from him, I've been emailing him everyday since then and no response. Hopefully they will let up soon cause I'm worried sick about him too. Well I'll post anything new, and if anyone else hears of anything please let us know......

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My hubby's @ the Beaumont Medium have'nt heard from him since the 5th as well. I called the facility to inquire and all that was said was "We're on LOCKDOWN! Incident on the Rec Yard".....Worried!
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