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Originally Posted by fbopnomore View Post
Yes a parole violation. It depends on the wording used there, but a PV is usually in the form of a motion from the PO to the court to consider punishment for going against your parole restrictions. Apparently your PO had the discretion to handle your dirty urine tests without filing PVs with the court.
Thanks for the responses. And yes, i don't believe he filed anything to the court for punishments. Maybe the rehab one, i'm not sure... The dirty urines, will the judge see them? Even if they weren't filed in a PV. I think the judge had to sign a paper for me to go to rehab, i could be wrong though.. I never had to go to court and was never told i received a PV when i failed for Urine Tests, they just told me what COULD happened if i keep it up

Anything i can do to find out what's going on with my papers? or do you know how long it takes, or a way to speed the process up?
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