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Default Probation Discharge Papers

I was placed on probation for possesion of marijuana a year ago. My probation ends August 12, and when i visited my PO on july 24th, he said this is our last meeting and shook my hand and said, "your off probation, if the judge declines your discharge papers which he really has no reason too then you'll hear from me"

He made it very assuring that there will be no problems and said "there is no reason for him too".
With my year of probation i failed about 4-7 urine tests roughly, and had to do IOP and then rehab. I failed the IOP at the end and had to do rehab, which i completed successful and did great with. Ever since rehab i've been clean and doing well. All throughout probation i payed my fines EVERY visit and maintained a job and had good school grades...

So i have a few failed urines, but no new charges or anything, payed fines accordingly, never missed a meeting with PO and followed there orders when failed a urine test... *do you think my probation will get extended or anything? my PO said the judge has no reason too and i didn't even ask him anything about the judge extending it..*

any thoughts? it's been a week and no notice or papers or anything. Any thoughts or suggestions or comments would be great, thanks
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