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Originally Posted by Jason'sMom8252 View Post
Jason got into something really serious and I really do believe that his court appointed attorney was working with the prosecutor and not for Jason. What really happened never came out in court and because of that the judge believed the worst. He sentenced Jason to 42 years which is the maximum sentence possible. He is in prison with guys that are serving 6 to 20 years for the same crime. He is trying to appeal the sentence but I don't hold out much hope. He turned 42 about a month ago. With a 42 year sentence he has to serve at least 28 in prison and the rest on parole. In 28 years I will be 87 years old. I have to try to hold on that long, but I come from a family with a lot of cancer and alzheimers, so I don't feel like I have much of a chance. I am lucky that he can call me every day. But if a day goes by and I don't hear from him I panic. That happened two weeks ago. I found out that he had been targeted by a gang and there was a fight that sent him to the hospital for several stitches and now he is serving 20 days in the hole. At least there I know he is safe. I am very fearful of what will happen when he comes back to the general population though.
I have a similar situation. My son Jameson is receiving 12 years with no credit for county time. He also is receiving 10 strikes and will have 9 felonies on his record. This was still better than the DA'S deal for 14 years with 3 strikes. The judge here pretty much sided with the DA. In our case, others are receiving 1 to 5 years for the same thing. My son did not hurt anyone, but he did break the law. He will probably do 6 years with credits, but he's also only 22. I am 63. This is the hardest thing we can go thru as parents. Sadness, fear and worry are the order of the day. Know that we who go on this site are all with you. Be sure to come here for emotional support and information. This site is a valuable tool for us. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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