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Originally Posted by MizzyMuffling View Post
I'm really sorry you have to go through this. There's not much to say except take one day at a time and make that list of things to do and set priorities. Then attack the list
But one day at a time.

Please allow me some thoughts though - not trying to be judgemental - just trying to get more info:
Since crime/court/sentencing is a somewhat lengthy progress, did you not prepare for the "worst case scenario"? Like getting your license renewed, finding maybe places for the animals, making sure there's enough dough $ for the bills... making a list together with you Mom on what to pay when, etc...

Since you said it felt like a death in your family I can totally relate. When my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 6 months to live he sat down with my brother and went through everything like insurances, etc...
You are never fully prepared for any of this but there are a few things you can prepare for.

I'm sure you've talked about it and this is still a huge shock so please forgive me for thinking out loud.
You have a lot to deal with right now starting with your own feelings about this all plus all the burden you have to carry taking care of things as long as she's in prison.
Good luck!!

Thank you for your response. I can see where you're coming from on the planning element. Unfortunately, my mother was still working right through her court case (she's freelance so worked at home in the evenings) as well as constantly having to search for evidence for her case. The charges she faced kept changing - the last charge being brought in the day before the court case started so she didn't have as much time as we'd have liked to 'put things in order.' The priority had to be fighting her case. She was on legal aid so the support from the lawyers was minimal.

Regarding the license, I had wanted to renew it but I don't have a permanent residence so I wasn't able to. I didn't want to put the address down as my mother's because she has been made bankrupt and I'm worried that will link my credit rating with hers. I still don't know where to register it to.

Regarding the animals, we have been looking since January for a place to move them/someone to take them on. Unfortunately, there is not much market for 10 rescue goats and 7 horses, none of which are ride-able and many of whom have health conditions. In addition to which, you can never be sure that they will go to a good home. We almost gave the goats to a man only to find out that he ran a goat meat business!

Regarding having enough money for bills etc., there isn't much choice with that either. My mother's house is in negative equity so selling it is not an option right now. In addition to which, she will never be given a mortgage again so I really need to keep hold of it so she has somewhere to go to when she is released.

Thank you for your well wishes.
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