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Default Here's my story & I'm sticking to it

Hi everyone. Great forum.
My brother was sent to FCI Oxford, WI. While there a fellow inmate, Juan, saw my picture among the family pictures my brother had in his cell & asked if he could write to me. It wasn't the first time I got a letter from someone my brother knew. To be nice I would communicate with any of the guys he gave my address to with the intention of friendship & nothing more. Writing a couple of times & eventually I would either lose interest or get turned off by them.
Juan grabbed my attention from the start. I knew some how he was different. For one thing unlike all the others he didn't come on strong & was willing to just be friends. Six months to a year being friends he let me know he wanted more than that, but still waited for me to make the first move. I never wanted a relationship with an inmate. So naturally I resisted. After giving him my phone # and hearing his voice for the first time, I could deny my feelings for that man no longer. I thought I knew him well through his letters, but his personality just poured through that phone line. So laid back, honest, happy, & carefree despite where he was. We have been talking to each other almost weekly now.

All is going well with us, except he faces deportation back to Mexico in April '06 when he gets out. When that happens I'll be going there to meet him & some of his family. If all goes well after visiting a few times, I'll probably move there. Crazy I know. But he's the light of my life & I couldn't imagine being without him.
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