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Whats up? Im new to this PTO thing, and my first reply had to be on this topic. I thought i was like the only one that would write to an inmate that they didnt know, but then i found this and was honestly surprised but obviously in a good way. But anyways, i met my man through my friend, they were locked up together. I geuss he had seen a pic and asked about me and asked if he could write to me. The first letter i got i was like ummm who is this? lol Obviously i wasnt really looking for anything, especially not to fall in love, but that was like a year and half ago and we've been writing and talking like everyother day. He makes me so happy, and from the first conversation we just like clicked there was never an uneasiness or quiet, we never wanted to get off the phone. Then the phone bill came and thats a whole different issue lol but yeah i still havent seen him yet, just a sketch unfortunately, but he is coming home in 2 months and 3 weeks, im so excited. I'm picking him up so that will be the first time we meet, so im excited and extremely nervous at the same time! so yeah i just wanted to share my story on how i met my love and thank everyone for their stories! Lates

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