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Ya'll please forgive me for being short - BUT I hate friggin meth! As much as my son AND my family went through meth is what did him in. I could deal with smoking pot. I personally don't do drugs but I know so many that would be better off smoking a joint than drinking a beer. But when someone introduced my son -- not just some kid --- my son --- to meth ---it changed our lives.

I've read that it is the most addictive drug!!! More than heroin, cocaine, crack. I don't know if that's true, What I do know is living in our poor Aldine side of Houston it's everywhere. And not just with the kids. I hear about women who don't know any better and do it for weight loss and energy and get hooked! And it pisses me off that these poor young people don't know what they're getting themselves into.

Monkey - You deserve so much credit for getting off that crap and being clean for so many years! God Bless You!

Sorry ya'll - just a parents pain still surfacing!

Psalm 138,

"Though I am surrounded by troubles, You will bring me safely through. Your fist is clenched against my enemies. Your power will save me."

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